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4 Lit Pumpkins
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The girls and I drew and carved the pumpkins one afternoon. We had lots of fun.

This was the first year that Sophia was able to carve her own pumpkins. At 8 1/2 years old, this is an important milestone. Now, not only can she draw what she wants her pumpkin to look like, but she can carve it as well.

Made roasted pumpkin seeds later. They were very good!

More pictures from the pumpkin carving afternoon are at my Flickr site.


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Handmade Books

3 Handmade Books
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Made this trio of books for a challenge on Etsykids. The challenge was to create an object(s) that focused on birds and/or owls.

These books are handmade using cardboard from food boxes (e.g., cereal boxes, pasta boxes), decorative paper, ribbon, postage stamps, yarn, and stickers.

My daughters love little books that I make for them (they are only 3 1/2″ x 5″ with about 8-10 pages in each book. They can fill them with short stories, pictures they draw or cut out from magazines, and things they collect outside (e.g., leaves, feathers that have fallen on the ground).

They are available in my shop. Please see my Flickr profile for the link to my shop.
They are available in my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand.

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Saw the “Percussion Spectacular” at the Minnesota Orchestra. This was the first visit for the girls to the Minnesota Orchestra, and they really enjoyed it.

It was such an engaging performance that the girls and I will remember for a long time!

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Etsy Promo Packs

Etsy Promo Packs
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I create promo packs each month with a variety of business cards and samples from Etsy shops.

Shops send me their cards and samples, I put them into packets and then send them out to customers.

It’s a great way to let potential customers know about your business.

I assemble promo packs around the middle of each month. Contact me if you’re interested in including business cards and/or samples for your Etsy business.

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Sophia with Pumpkin
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Each year, one of Sophia’s projects is to grow pumpkins. This year, she was very happy with the harvest. There are lots of pumpkins – not huge ones, but lots of them.

This is one pumpkin that she liked and brought up to the house to decorate for autumn.

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Made these two pumpkins for a swap on Swap-Bot. They are made with six pieces of cotton fabric that are machine-sewn together.

They are stuffed with wool from sheep I raised. The stem is felt that is hand-embroidered together and stuffed with wool.

I have other fall and winter items for the home in my shop (Harvest Moon by Hand). Please visit the shop at http://www.harvestmoonbyhand.etsy.com/.

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Pictures by Ann

One of the three hives here at the farm. This hive produced 36 pounds of honey.

This year the honey was a very light color. It’s very sweet and flavorful thanks to the apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees on the property as well as raspberries (red and black).

Neighboring farms also have raspberry patches, clover, and alfalfa growing which helped make the honey so sweet this year.

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