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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…
:: Being able to make a birthday cake that made Olivia very happy.
:: The opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of Underwater World and learn more about sea life.
:: Spending an enjoyable day helping my parents.
:: Receiving a phone call from a cousin who I hadn’t talked with for quite a while.
:: Health professional and therapists who are helping my dad and Olivia.
:: Hearing Sophia play the piano.
:: Watching the flock of cardinals visit the feeder.
:: Seeing a beautiful yellow moon setting one morning.


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– To have some extra time to get caught up on projects I’ve wanted to do – personal and for my shop.

– A friend of the family who listed and offered support.

– Healthcare professionals who provide a meaningful and supportive place for my dad to attend twice a week.

– Hearing enthusiasm and happiness in my dad’s voice after attending the day care program (Tuesday was his first day).

– Spending time with my daughters learning about ocean life (part of homeschool science lessons) and some very interesting fish that live in the deep sea.

– Having enough food to make meals for the entire week.

– Enjoying a variety of books from the library.

– Spending time with my parents on my dad’s birthday.

– Being able to help my mom get errands done that she’s wanted to do.

– Finding a colorful and fragrant bouquet of flowers to give to my dad on his birthday; and seeing how excited they were to have fresh flowers on their table.

– Finding a picture of my grandma, my uncles, and mom from 1982.

– Seeing the snow sparkle.

– Seeing the variety of birds at the feeders – especially the flock of cardinals whose color is so vivid against the white snow.

– Watching a tiny vole peek out of the snow under the birdfeeder and collect seeds that had fallen.

– Seeing the squirrel navigate through snow tunnels in the front yard, and watching it pop up in different places.

– Having the skill to sew quilts and pillows.

– Warm, hand-crocheted blankets that I made from wool from my sheep or that my Grandma Olive made before I was born.

– Daughters who enjoy spending outdoors during the winter – exploring the pastures, sledding, making snow forts, and ice skating.

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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…
:: Seeing all the birds visit the feeders – especially the six cedar waxwings that came to the cherry tree yesterday.
:: For the cats and dogs who seem to warm the room up on cold winter nights.
:: Making a nice New Year’s Day dinner with Sophia, and trying new recipes from a Russian cookbook.
:: Programs that are available to help my parents navigate the journey of Alzheimer’s Disease.
:: Being able to develop new skills with caregiving, and see that they are helping my parents.
:: Time to play games and read books to my daughters.
:: Two reminders this week – one from a friend and one from a movie – to be okay with who I am and what I have to offer.
On Sophia’s tenth birthday this past week, she wanted to see the movie “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  It’s the third movie that Disney has produced in the Narnia series (though it’s the fifth book in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis).  It’s an excellent movie with  touching and inspirational themes such as: resisting temptation, sustaining faith/belief, perseverance, responsibility, facing fears, the honor in bravery, and the desire for a greater country.

One scene was particularly meaningful (and timely) for me.  It was a reminder that each person is valuable and needs to be comfortable with her appearance, skills, and personality.  This is a particularly special message for girls, no matter their age.

In the movie (and book), “Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” Lucy has long compared herself, unfavorably, to her beautiful older sister, Susan. So Lucy’s greatest challenge here is the temptation to turn herself into Susan—via the magician’s book.

She recites a spell and is thrilled when she sees herself as Susan. Then, despite the protestations of Aslan, she rips the page out of the book and takes it back onboard the Dawn Treader to recite again. When she does she’s whisked back to England, this time transformed into Susan—and finds that, in so doing, she’s almost wished herself away.

In the movie, Aslan says, “Lucy, what have you done child? You wished yourself away. You doubt your value, don’t run from who you are.”

Sage advice for our times, when many girls try to conform to a standard template of beauty or pretend to be someone they are not. 

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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…

:: Arriving back home safely today after sliding several times on ice-covered roads.
:: Creative parents who guided my daughters as they made different projects at the Waldorf School’s annual holiday fair.  I’m extremely grateful to the three male volunteers who helped the girls make wooden spinners since woodworking is not a strength of mine!
:: Having the floors repaired and looking nice again after they were damaged by the storm in August as well as by five puppies that we fostered several years ago.
:: The Fare for All program which helps stretch the monthly food budget. 
:: Being able to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Olivia’s adoption day!
:: Opportunities like 4-H and Brownies that the girls can participate in each month.

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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…
:: Safely arriving at various places and back home during the first big snowstorm of the season.
:: Being able to donate four sweaters to the Sweaters for Veterans drive, and having something meaningful to remember on Veteran’s Day.
:: Seeing how much joy the birds are bringing to my dad and mom (especially my dad) at the feeders I set up at their home.
:: Being able to play the piano.

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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…

:: Being able to do something creative each day – either something related to crafting, visual arts, cooking, or writing.
:: Having quite a few orders come in – including two custom orders.
:: Getting over a fever and flu quickly this week.
:: Spending a fun day on Saturday with Sophia and Olivia as we went to some craft shows and the library
:: Finding a gift card for a restaurant so the girls and I could go out to eat – a special treat on Saturday evening!

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As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for…
:: Good  vets who help keep the pets healthy.
:: Being able to hear the Minnesota Orchestra’s performance for school children/families on Wednesday.
:: Having fun celebrating Halloween at the party on Saturday and then with my parents/family today.
:: Seeing three deer on Saturday and two deer on Sunday.
:: Having good memories of grandparents who I knew (some died before I was born or shortly after), and seeing how their legacy lives on through me and now through my daughters.

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